About Google Darfur

Since 2003 militias known as the Janjaweed, now known as RSF (Rapid Support Forces)
under orders from the Government of Sudan, have killed over 200,000 civilians.
Over 2.5 million have been forced into refugee camps.

In a bid to secure their oil and mineral interests inside of Sudan and Chad,
Many of the world's major governments pour weapons & money
into the region and remain passive to the continuing carnage, allowing the violence to spread further.

Frustrated by the situation, in February 2007,
two North Americans traveled to Eastern Chad & Google Darfur is the story we captured.

The work of Google Darfur has continued completely independent since 2007.
Google Darfur, the documentary, was entered into the International Criminal Court's case
against the president of Sudan, Omar Bashir, for crimes against humanity,
war crimes and genocide against the people of Darfur.

We have remained independent, owing allegiances to nothing but the truth
and we thank you for joining us in that pursuit!

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We named the film "Google Darfur" because there is a large
amount of information available online.

By encouraging the international community to google "Darfur"
we hope to help create a worldwide awareness that will push for a comprehensive and sustainable peace.

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*We are not associated with Google. Our use of the word google is only for the verb meaning of the word.