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Google Darfur (2020 Full Release)
April 2020

April 11th, 2019
The End Of Omar Bashir

Today, April 11, 2019, marks the end of the reign of Omar Al Bashir. A reign of terror and hell that should have been ended over a decade ago but sadly, we had to wait until now to see him go down. The military of Sudan finally stepped up in unity with the will of the people of Sudan and arrested Bashir, bringing an end to a man responsible for crimes against humanity and genocide of his own people, while enriching himself and leaving many to go hungry without even the most basic necessities.

Protestors across Sudan have been rallying since December of 2018, calling for the end of an administration who has only known blood, corruption and tyranny. We have to give much respect to the brave souls who battled with their bodies in the streets of Sudan. So many people, including countless women, stood up for freedom and change and finally their prayers were answered! Our deepest condolences go out to those families who have lost loved ones in the struggle, whether it be in Darfur or in Khartoum, your loss is the loss of all the people of Sudan and all the people around the world who cherish freedom. Your sacrifice is the reason why the people of Sudan are now free of a monster today.

It is important that the military continue to support the will of the people and hand back power to the people of Sudan. Military rule has taken too much time in Sudan and the people are ready to move forward into the 21st century. Elections should be scheduled as soon as possible and civil society organizations can and should lead the charge to form a transitional government. Organizations have already worked together in Sudan to form a coalition and together they signed the Declaration of Freedom and Change. This should be the guide that will help to build a better and brighter future for all of the people of Sudan.

Finally, it is important that the international community respect the will of the people of Sudan and do not try to interfere in the democratic process that the civil societies of Sudan must lead the way on. Of course, where assistance is needed it should be given but let us keep in mind the difference between assistance and interference.

Once again, we want to congratulate the people of Sudan on this great and momentous occasion today! We pray for tribal differences and past mistakes to be left in the past, and unity and reconciliation to be the future for a stronger, more peaceful, prosperous and united Sudan.

Peace, Truth and Love,
Google Darfur